Looking Forward

Life brings all kinds of experiences our way, positive, good, not so good, and some surprises along the way. I can call myself a globe trotter after having lived in three continents but I still get an itchy foot and feel adventurous and willing to go for a new challenge. I am moving on, despite staying on the same continent this time, I have decided to go for new challenges. I have been pondering a few things about my upcoming move but I have to say that somehow things are starting to become clear to me. I have met a few people, participated in some events, learned new things, and interestingly, all of these experiences have helped me to realize my purpose. I can say that I have a goal now. A goal that will help me get ready for what I am going to do at my new job, and how I am going to get ready before I arrive. So excited to have figured out the ‘why’ of my move. Looking forward to new experiences and new challenges. Grateful for all the experiences that life provides and keeps providing.


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