Embrace the Chaos.

I once heard about “The clean desk” policy. I have always fancied the idea of a tidy, organized, clean desk. However, as time passes I know myself pretty well and I have concluded that I am not a ‘clean desk’ kind of individual. I once was told that I must live with some form of ADD and that it was almost a miracle that I had managed to accomplish all I had till then. At times not only my desk but other aspects of my life feel/get messier than usual. Work piles up, new projects pop up, personal obligations add to the everyday responsibilities, unexpected events turn our routine upside down! In the midst of this chaos, I feel like I am forced to find a new way or a better way to get things done. Also, I feel like chaos forces me to be ‘in the moment’ because I must experience the situation and think of the steps I can take as I embark on a new quest. As a teacher, I must be prepared but sometimes I don’t feel ready and organized as I would like to. Though experiencing chaos, I find myself being productive and enjoying every day. I want to say that I owe this to all the different skills that I have developed as an individual and a professional, these skills kick in when disruption happens. Have I found the perfect solution to all the situations that have arisen? I have to say ‘no’ but I have learned new ways of doing things. Some of the new ways feel like improved ways thanks to chaos!


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